Saturday, April 11, 2009

8th CRI Conference on Cuban and Cuban-American Studies

SIPA School of International and Public Affairs

The Cuban Research Institute presents

Latin American and Caribbean Center

University Park, DM 353 305-348-2894

8th CRI Conference on Cuban and Cuban-American Studies

Cuba 2010: An Island in a Global World

February 4-6, 2010

Florida International University

Call for Papers and Panels

The Cuban Research Institute continues the tradition of convening scholars engaged in the study of Cuba and Cuban-Americans by announcing its 8th Conference. The overarching theme of the conference, “Cuba 2010: An Island in a Global World,” will focus on the current political, economic, cultural and social dynamics on the island and the diaspora in the light of a changing world. The following themes are suggested: 1) Politics and Economy (international relations and trade; insertion in the global economy; political culture; restructuring the state; legal framework; the state of the economy and equity; poverty; social welfare; sectoral analysis; corruption); 2) Social Actors and Issues (key social actors, including the Catholic Church and other religious institutions; civil society, social issues such as race, gay rights, and the role of women and youth); 3) Diaspora (economic, educational, and cultural profiles of diaspora communities; diversity within the community; political culture, public opinion, and behavioral tendencies; role in U.S.-Cuba policy; entrepreneurship capabilities) and 4) The Politics of Arts and Culture (the role of the intelligentsia; contemporary expressions of culture; role of technology and the media).

All papers will be considered, although we prefer proposals for panels. We encourage the submission of panels and papers within these four tracks but will consider all submissions on Cuba and its diaspora. Historical and comparative studies will also be welcome. Panels should include four paper presentations, a chair (who may be one of the presenters) and a discussant. Panels may include up to but no more than five paper presentations if they do not include a discussant. Participants may perform two roles at the conference (chair, discussant, roundtable participant, paper presenter) but may not present more than one paper. Submissions may be in English or Spanish.

Proposals for panels or roundtables must include a general description of the theme and 400 word abstracts of each participant’s paper. Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes. The following information must be submitted for each participant: full name, academic affiliation, preferred addresses, office and home phone numbers, fax, and e-mail address.

Persons wishing to submit individual papers must present a 400 word abstracts and all pertinent personal data. Forms for submittal of information are posted on website.

Deadline for submission of all paper and panel proposals is June 30, 2009. Notifications of acceptance (or refusal) will be sent out by October 1, 2009. For further information about the conference and other CRI activities, please see our website at or call (305) 348-1991. All submissions and requests for organizational information should be sent to Uva de Aragón, Associate Director of the CRI at An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent. Submissions can also be sent to Cuban Research Institute, Florida International University, DM 363, University Park, Miami, FL 33199, Fax (305) 348-3593.

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